I'm a Traveler

Seeing the wide world

I'm an Engineer

Mechanical design, prototyping, and CAD

Unimouse Adjustable Mouse (bdg)

The Unimouse is an ergonomic adjustable mouse with multiple degrees of freedom.  Engineering tasks included: Design, prototype, and test internal mechanisms for precise adjustment. Model, simulate, and verify button support structure to ensure proper function. Work to define appropriate range of motion and trade-offs for cost, usability, and manufacturability. See US Patent US10401979B2 for more […]

Kinsa Thermometer

Kinsa Smart Thermometer (bdg)

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer is a smart-phone connected fast reading thermometer. Design and testing tasks included: Evaluation and comparison of thermistor components Strain and deflection analysis of elastomer tip Perform hipot testing with electrical partner Design led to 510(k) clearance by the FDA


Endo360° Suturing Device (bdg)

The Endo360° Suturing Device is a surgical instrument that uses curved suturing needles for endoscopic, minimally-invasive procedures.  Engineering tasks included: Work with manufacturer to identify and resolve troublesome tolerance areas. Evaluate candidate alloys for both distal tip and needle construction. Finite element analysis on drive pawl system to optimize tip geometry for device life. Participate […]

I'm a Photographer

At least, I'm learning

Fifteen Minutes Could Save You

Saw this little critter basking in a flower-pool on our walk through the Hawai’i Tropical Bioreserve and Garden. I believe it is a Gold Dust Day Gecko, which is indeed the species that a certain insurance mascot is based on. Coincidentally, the botanical gardens are about fifteen minutes north of Hilo, HI. Absolutely worth the trip; I’m still sorting through the photos and will have many more to post.


0 Victory

Victory – “A Gift to the People of Lowell from James C. Ayer. Erected July 4, 1867.”  A draped woman with wings holding the laurel wreath of victory and the harvest sheaf representing peace. It was sculpted by Christian Daniel Rauch, the foremost German sculptor of the 19th century, for the king of Bavaria. The original of […]