Blackstone Reenactment

My father has been doing Civil War reenactments for a while now, and I finally went to one this past weekend to spectate. It was held at Daniels Farmstead in Blackstone, MA on an absolutely gorgeous (if a bit hot) day, although I was quite happy to not be wearing a full wool uniform.

The battle was great and I took a number of photographs that I am pretty pleased with.

And you can find the rest of the set on Flickr. You will notice that I was sided with the Confederates; this allegiance was on my Dad’s behalf. I will say though that the Union soldiers did not seem to play fair. One does not dodge canister shot from a cannon at a range of 20 yards by jumping to the ground. In particular, there was a group of about five Yankee soldiers that refused to die, even when outnumbered and surrounded by cavalry, both mounted and dismounted. Those damn Blues killed my Pa, and in so doing, have soundly confirmed that I’m a Rebel in all future engagements.


Saugus Iron Works

Apparently there is a National Historic Site within 10 minutes of our apartment, the Saugus Iron Works. It lies on the Saugus River, just off of Route 1. Since the likelihood of having weather as nice as it was today before next Spring is slim, we figured it was a good time to check it […]



I don’t know what is in any of these. I do know that there were countless more being unloaded while our cruise ship was leaving Boston. And that’s just the same every day. Lots of stuff.