Endo360° Suturing Device (bdg)

The Endo360° Suturing Device is a surgical instrument that uses curved suturing needles for endoscopic, minimally-invasive procedures.  Engineering tasks included: Work with manufacturer to identify and resolve troublesome tolerance areas. Evaluate candidate alloys for both distal tip and needle construction. Finite element analysis on drive pawl system to optimize tip geometry for device life. Participate […]


Leaf Point of Sale Tablet (bdg)

The LeafPresenter is a custom Android tablet with integrated credit card reader. Work on the Leaf project included: Concept brainstorming and prototyping of novel charging stand and tablet assemblies. Feasibility modeling for intended use and foreseeable misuse cases. Competitive product research and comparison studies.


LENSAR Ophthalmic Laser (bdg)

The LENSAR Ophthalmic Laser system is an automated surgical aid to assist with cataract removal procedures. Project work included: Develop novel concealed hinge mechanism concepts. Sourcing and quoting for sheet metal and machined parts. Compile kit of manufacturing control drawings.


Olympus Xpert XRF Analyzer (bdg)

The Xpert XRF Analyzer provides a non-destructive test to check for the presence and composition of heavy metals in a given sample. Work on the Xpert device included: Use-case modeling and conceptual design. Line-of-sight analysis to avoid X-ray “leakage.” Component selection for hinge and gas-spring loaded door. Sheet metal part construction, working directly with industrial […]